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It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m sixteen and the eldest of three siblings.  I may be young but chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised how mature, respectful, and responsible I am… “beyond my years” as many have said. I have a passion for art, children and bringing excellence to everything I do. So when you hire me, you can expect the sparkle of excellence. My art’s whole purpose is to lift spirits and inspire imagination. I’d be honoured to foster that experience at your next event! See you then!

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Oh, Kiara is such an amazingly talented, beautiful, kind, and loving artist. It was an amazing experience to have my face painted by her. I had so much fun… we were even laughing at times while she painted me as as a tiger. I carried on with my whole day feeling fired up from all the love. Thank you so much Kiara! You’re such an incredible artist!

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